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Student, Teacher, & Parent Testimonials


"Ms. Stuart is the best teacher of all, who I experienced great things with during my time at Texas Empowerment Academy. I will never forget Ms. Stuart because she made me a better person, academically. She loved all of us and found ways to make sure we all learned the skills that were taught which made us succeed within the classroom."
-Sedrick Alexander, Former Student

"I really appreciate Ms. Stuart and Mrs. Bridgette for helping me throughout my elementary school years. I remembered when I first got to Texas Empowerment Academy, I was the only kid who was struggling with math and reading. They made sure I progress without leaving me behind despite what school I came from prior to TXEA. They always gave me constructive criticism when I was misbehaving. They was correcting me all the time because they knew what I was capable of doing academically and socially. When I choose what university I will attend in the future, I will always remember Ms. Stuart and Ms. Bridgette because they pushed us to be the best and loved us genuinely. Thank you for all you did and still doing."
-Cyronn Miller, Former Student

"First entering 4th grade was about one of the hardest things to do. Knowing that I wasn't that successful in 3rd grade (from another school), I thought I would never succeed in 4th grade. My self-esteem was lower than anything you could imagine. Then, there were the two best teachers ever, Ms. Bridgette and Ms. Stuart. I consider them the best because not only did they teach us everything we should know, but they build a relationships with all of us which made us feel comfortable when learning. There are not a lot of teachers who actually take the time to listen and help you with problems that are not academic problems, but these two did. They treated everyone equally because right was right and wrong was wrong. They found the ways to teach us through songs, dances, and games which made me understand and progress in reading and math tremendously. Ending of 4th grade, I left feeling like a “Queen India” with the highest self-esteem academically and socially knowing that I was going to be an awesome student in 5th grade. Now that, I’m at another school in the 6th grade, I am excelling over several students all because Ms. Stuart and Ms. Bridgette left a huge impact on my life during my time at TXEA! I thank God for blessing me with these two loving teachers each and every day!"
-India Hicks, Former Student

"I was a student of Bridgette Stuart Hick's, as she taught me for two years. Learning things from her teachig were quite enjoyable--from the songs created to remember different subjects, to the fun games and activities we did. The games, activities, and songs are still a very helpful tool as a highschool student. As a student who didn't understand things as easily as others did, she made sure I understood everything that she taught. There were times when she offered afterschool help. There was nothing that I didn't go without understanding. Not only did she help me understand the lesson, but she also kept me interacted in the discussion or activity and never did I feel left out."
-Chardonnay Jones


"When I think of educators that embody what it takes to ensure success of all students and teachers, I think of Bridgette and Brittany. I had the pleasure of receiving their assistance when I began working with them at Texas Empowerment Academy. I, myself, had the experience teaching but the strategies I was accustomed to using came from a book and work for a different demographic. Bridgette and Brittany shared useful strategies that would help me educate the new demographic that I encountered. Therefore, I adjusted my teaching methods and I saw an increased amount of student success. Even though my students flourished, they were still there to aid me whenever I had questions or wanted to ask advice about a particular situation that I was facing in the classroom. I highly recommend these two because they are an asset to any campus and a blessing to any teacher whether a veteran or a rookie. Without these two, I would have had a tough time transitioning from public school to teach at a charter school witha different demographic and different methods for educating students."
-Neisha Franklin M.Ed.

"Bridgette and Brittany Stuart have been a godsend to me from a professional standpoint. They mentored me during my first year as a third grade reading teacher. I had no formal teaching experience but they mentored me on best practices, conventional teaching strategies, and even taught me how to think outside the box to find different avenues to reach my students. In their hands-on approach, they make it easy to pick up the real-world application of their concepts, and even easier to "catch" those qualities of a great teacher that are not necessarily taught. In addition to teaching skills, they each brought an aspect of leadership and confidence that is so necessary in today's classroom and field of education. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and contagious passion they bring every day. I would recommend their services to any teacher looking to bypass teaching and move into educating our youth."
-Undrae C. Fairley, Teacher, 3rd grade Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies


"My son, Telyn, had the privilege of being taken under their wings early on in 3rd grade. They weren't his teachers at the time, but the fact that they saw something in him that needed to be "let out" was a true blessing. At the time, Telyn struggled more so with confidence than not knowing the material. He needed someone to believe in him and encourage him, and that's exactly what Ms. Stuart and Mrs. Hicks did for him. In the 4 years we've known and worked with them, I have never known them to turn their back on a child. They are strict, but in the most loving, most positive enforcement that a teacher can provide. Telyn has gone from basically failing every 6 weeks to bringing home only 1 C. What's most important is, he is proud of himself. I still to this day, send them his report card and progress reports- because they truly care! When your child goes from "I can't" to "I got this" is beyond a Blessing. I would love to see Ms. Stuart and Mrs. Hicks achieve all their goals and be allowed to share their dedication, love for children and teaching to an all time high!"
Stacie Myers

"As a parent you always want the best for your children, and when it comes to their education nothing less than the best is expected. I have first-hand experience with Brittany Stuart and Bridgette Stuart-Hicks. I promise you that their talent and dedication defines what the best in education represents. Four of my children who are now in high school, were in thier classroom. To this day they rely on methods and concepts taught to them. Brittany and Bridgette Stuart have that significant of an impact on their students."
-LaTeshia Johnson-Brown

"Brittany and Bridgette set high, but no unreasonalbe, standards for their students and with that they learn and they thrive. With the tools they provide and student-centered concepts, students are motivated and intellectually stimulated in their classroom. Their successful teaching techniques are reflected in her students' behavior and their outlook on their own educational future. Brittany and Bridgette have a passion for teaching and they make every moment a teachable moment. Their classes are never dull and they use a multitude of methods to keep the children interested and engaged."
-LaTeshia Johnson-Brown

"As insightful educators, they recognize the needs of their students and take steps to meet their specific needs. They make themselves available no only during the school day, but before and after schoool. They care deeply about each child and work hard to make sure no one is left behind, including the parents. They create a welcoming environment that allows parents to be involved, engaged, and informed about their children. The choice not to choose this dynamic duo for your educational needs will not just be an oversight or missed opportunity. It will be a disservice to future minds."
-LaTeshia Johnson-Brown

"Mrs. Bridgette Stuart-Hicks was a great math teacher for my daughter Heaven McVade-Jackson. When my daughter first came to the school she was at a low level in math because math was her weakest point. Mrs. Stuart-Hicks helped her so much, she even made sure she had tutoring and now she's at a level where she's at a level where she doesn't need tutoring anymore. Mrs. Stuart-Hicks pushed her to where she also passed the STARR test with a great score. This was one of the best math teachers my daughter has ever had."
-Angel Jarmon

"Ms. Brittany Stuart was a great English Language Arts teacher for my daughter Heaven McVade-Jackson. Ms. Brittany Stuart made sure Heaven was at the right level in her class and more. This is a teacher who inspired my daughter to become a plastic surgeon. Ms. Stuart guided my child in a very great way and she also helped Heaven with passing the STARR test with a great score. Ms. Stuart is one of the best teachers my daughter has ever had in elementary school.
-Angel Jarmon

"My children Sedrick and Trinity Alexander had the pleasure of having Ms. Brittany and Bridgette Stuart as their teachers at Texas Empowerment Academy. My son started with them in 4th grade and he was always a smart student, however with the strategies and disciplines the two ladies instilled in him, he ELEVATED!! They are very transparent with their students and teach them the realities of life. They communicated with me as the parent in each and every way possible. They pushed my son to go over and beyond. They brought him out of his shell. Trinity has learned so much on how to be a lady. She excelled in academic testing and she was inspired by the teaching methods they use. They taught through dance and song and those methods stuck with my kids.
Overall, these ladies are the example of exemplary excellence. I wish that my kids could have them all the way until grade school is over. I recommend them for anything they put their minds to creating to better the education of young people."
-Dionne Alexander